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Product Description

Trijicon EO, is proud to offer the REAP-IR a MINI THERMAL WEAPON SIGHT. Note: Due to high demand, please contact to insure the model you want is "in stock"
The REAP-IR is the one worth waiting for with all the features and performance of IR HUNTER Mark lll and the size and weight factor of the IR PATROL. The REAP-IR truly is the best of both systems incorporating a 12 degree field-of-view lens with the new stadiametric range finder. Having a 2.5x magnification combined with the 640x480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core in the small tactical package makes the REAP-IR ideal for Special Operations, Tactical Teams and Border Security. It also, has a 60hz fast frame rate in every REAP-IR system at no additional cost to you. The fast frame rate will be very useful for leading a shot of a fast moving target.

The REAP-IR integrates several new features such as multiple reticle save locations so you can mount the sight on different weapons and keep your reticle position. It has the digital read-out on the reticle adjustment screen giving you information on exactly how many clicks you have adjusted the system. With up to 5 different reticle patterns you can find the best fit for your application. To finish off the REAP-IR, a flip-up lens cap, a MINI D-LOC Rail Mount and a battery extender has been added to every mini thermal sight.

click to download Trijicon EO Spec Sheet for Reap-IR

  • 12 degree FOV 2.5 Magnification
  • Stadiametric Range Finder
  • Digital Position Read-Outs
  • 5 Reticle Positions
  • Smallest Package

  • Features
  • Thumbstick Control
  • D-Loc Mount
  • 60hz Super Fast Image
  • Mil. Spec Construction
  • Clip-On Capability
  • Polarity and Zoom Modes
  • 650x480 Thermal Sensor
  • 12 MICRON Technology
  • 100% Made In The USA
  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Specifications
  • Sensor Type - BAE Uncooled VOx (Vanadium Oxide)
  • Thermal Sensitivity - <50mk
  • Sensor Resolution - 640x480
  • Sensor Pitch - 12um Micron
  • Frame Rate - 60hz with a 30hz Power Save Mode
  • Spectral Response - 8-12um
  • Display Type - OLED
  • Display Resolution - 640x480 pixels
  • Lens Type - GSIR f/1.14
  • Field of View - 12 degree Optical
  • System Modes - Clip-On/Weapon Mount/Stand Alone
  • Basic Features - E-Zoom, Polarity
  • Advanced Features -
    DCE (Digital Contrast Enhancement)
    DFC (Digital Focus Control)
    Range Finder (Stadiametric)
  • Start Up Time - >5 seconds
  • Video Output - Analog RS-170 (with Optional Cable)
  • Battery Type - 1 each CR123 3 Volt/2 each with Extender Adaptor
  • Battery Life -
    1 - 1.5 Hours @ 60hz
    1 - 2 hours @ 30hz
    2 - 3.5 hours @ 60hz
    2 - 5 hours @ 30hz
  • Weapon Mount - Mini D-LOC (Picatinney Rail Mount)
  • Reticle -
    Simple and Complex Reticles
    MOA Adjustments
    Digital Read-Outs
    4 Save Locations
  • Weight - 590 grams
  • Dimensions - 6.5"L x 3.0"H x 2.95"W
  • Diopter - -6/+4
  • Eye Relief - 27mm
  • Environmental -
    -40 degree c - +55 degree c Operating
    -45 degree c - +75 degree c Storage