PRIMARY ARMS PLx 6-30x56mm

Item# PA-PLX5-6-30X56F-ATHENA

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Product Description

The PLx are Primary Arms flagship scopes, manufactured and assembled in Japan with superior glass clarity and the best materials available. The advanced yet intuitive scope body features maximize the capability of the latest ACSS reticle found inside. The PLx line stands toe-to-toe with leading low power variable and precision scopes offered by other brands.

The PLx first focal plane rifle scope is a premium-grade precision rifle optic, tuned for medium to extreme long-range use on large caliber rifles. With top-of-the-line Japanese glass, high quality materials, and precision engineering, the PLx is constructed with uncompromising craftsmanship, durability, and optical clarity. Purpose-built for tactical shooting, competition, or hunting, the PLx 6-30x56mm first focal plane rifle scope is going to be your new go-to optic.

This 6-30x56mm PLx scope is equipped with the first focal plane Athena BPR MIL reticle, intended for exceptionally accurate ranging and target engagement at ranges beyond 1,000 yards. The optimized crosshair section features .2 MIL subtensions for precise range estimation at extended ranges. The center aiming point is a chevron tip, allowing for infinitely precise point of aim that doesn't block your target. The unobtrusive, yet comprehensive holdover grid features thick dots in 1 MIL increments with thinner dots every .5 MIL between them, offering plenty of aiming references out to extreme long range. This handy reticle is compatible with any caliber!

The advanced reticle designs promote set-and-forget zeroing, but for those who prefer to count their clicks, the Japanese made PLx features tactile, audible, and -- more importantly -- precise and repeatable 0.1 MIL click adjustments. Once zero has been achieved, the finger-adjustable turrets can be easily reset to 0 as well, allowing future adjustments to be readily tracked.

Whether you're looking for a workhorse optic for tactical shooting, competition, or out on your next hunt, the uncompromising clarity and quality of the PLx may be exactly what you're looking for. These remarkable precision scopes will help you dominate from mid-range to beyond the 1,000-yard line. To top it off, this fantastic scope is covered by Primary Arms lifetime warranty.

➢ High quality Japanese glass with enhanced clarity
➢ First focal plane reticles stay true at every magnification
➢ Heavy duty, high-strength construction 34mm tube
➢ Full red reticle illumination is night vision compatible on the lowest settings and daylight bright on the highest
➢ Precise, tactile, and audible 0.1 MIL click adjustments
➢ Locking, zero-resettable turrets
➢ 6-30x magnification range is perfect for shooters who regular reach beyond the 600-yard line
➢ Waterproof, shock resistant, and fog resistant
➢ Athena BPR MIL Reticle provides precise range estimation and a comprehensive but unobtrusive holdover field for extreme long-distance shooting
➢ Durable hardcoat anodized black finish
➢ Made in Japan
➢ Protected by Primary Arms lifetime warranty
➢ Includes matching sun shade and high-quality Butler Creek flip caps

» Color - Black
» Width - 7.5 in
» Objective Lens Diameter - 56 mm
» Height - 4 in
» Length - 15.6 in
» Reticle Focal Plane - First Plane
» Tube Diameter - 34 mm
» Adjustment Click Value - 0.1 Mil Rad
» Magnification Range - 6 - 30 x
» Additional Features - Zero Stop, Exposed Turrets, Tactical / Target Profile, Finger Adjustable, Zero Reset
» Front Sight Color - Red
» Adjustment Type - Mil Rad
» Water Resistance Level - Waterproof
» Adjustment Range - 23 - 26 Mil Rad
» Eye Relief Range - 4 - 3.3 in
» Exit pupil Range - 1.9 - 8.2 mm
» Weather Resistance - Fog Resistant
» Illumination Color - Red
» Battery Type - CR2032 3V Lithium Coin
» Field of View, Linear Range - 16.6 - 3.3 ft at 100 ft
» Finish - Durable hardcoat anodized
» Lens Material - Japanese glass
» Reticle - Athena BPR MIL
» Weight - 38.2 oz
» Weight Range - 2 - 2.99 lb
» Reticle - Ranging
» Exit Pupil - Range 0 - 1.9 mm, Range 2 - 3.9 mm, Range 4 - 5.9 mm, Range 6 - 7.9 mm, Range 8 - 9.9 mm
» Eye Relief - Range 3 - 3.9 in, Range 4 - 4.9 in
» Eye Relief - 31+ mm
» Minimum Magnification - 6 x
» Maximum Magnification - 30 x
» Adjustment Click Value - 0.1 Mil Rad
» Tube Diameter - 34 mm
» Objective Lens Diameter - Range 50 - 59 mm