The History of ...

The History of ...

Superior quality German optical glass and Romanian high precision craftsmanship are combined to equal 100 yrs of tradition and joined under ONE ROOF at IOR-BUCURESTI. The Romanian Tradition in manufacturing the highest quality optics started in the late 1800's. DURING the last 45 years , as the "SISTER" and PARTNER COMPANY to the original CARL ZEISS-JENA GERMANY, IOR-Bucuresti developed some of the most advanced technologies in the optical field.

1936...MALAXA-CARP, OPTIQUE De Le VOLLOIS and BERNARD-TURRNE, 3 of the most Dynamic European companies at the time, joined forces and formed IOR-Bucuresti, THE LEADING MILITARY OPTICS MANUFACTURER IN EUROPE!!!

1937-1945...During the Dark Days of WWII and German Occupation, most of production at IOR was structured on manufacturing HIGH PRECISION Military Optics. Germans were always known to have some of the best optics in the era and IOR is where they came from. These include the best Binoculars, Sniper Scopes, Altimeters and Compasses but ALSO INCLUDE Aiming Apparatus for Fighter planes, Submarine Periscopes, Giant Naval Anti-Aircraft Binoculars and Artillery Trench Finders.

1967...IOR starts expanding its collaboration with Giant German Manufacturers CARL ZEISS-JENA, PENTACON and SCHNEIDER.

1975...IOR IS COMPLETELY REFURBISHED with the LATEST TECHNOLOGY, A second plant is opened and IOR Bucuresti starts a NEW LEVEL of Collaboration with German Companies CARL ZEISS-JENA, LEICA, and LEITZ Producing a wide variety of optical systems and assemblies, AT THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS IN THE WORLD!

1978...IOR is one of the Largest supplier of military optics.

1989...IOR furthers itself by entering new fields of OPTO-ELECTRONICS, THERMOVISION, and INFRARED TECHNIQUES etc...

1993...IOR and VALDADA Join Efforts and Introduce the sporting product line into the US MARKET.

2003...IOR Celebrates 67 years of tradition and excellence and 10 years in the USA.