8x30 Predator Binoculars...w/One Time Focus

8x30 Predator Binoculars...w/One Time Focus

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Product Description

Predator lens coatings help you spot hidden game by blocking the colors of haze and foliage, enhancing the visibility of browns, reds and other wildlife colors. Wildlife hidden by dense foliage: whatever you need to spot - nothing escapes the Predator´s eyes! The revolutionary Steiner Predator lens coating increases contrast in wooded and camouflaged backgrounds and makes animals much easier to detect with the human eye. Simply put, the green coating blocks out green and blue (the colors of foliage and haze) and boosts browns and reds. The added contrast is impressive. The 8 x 30 Predator model feature Steiner's Sports Auto-Focus: once set for your eyes, they deliver incredible depth of field, for sharp images of everything from 20 yards to infinity, with no further adjustment. Add Predator's high-contrast, game-sensing coatings, and you'll discover hidden game before others even know where to look.

The versatile Predator 8x30 is small enough to carry easily and fit into a coat pocket, while offering both power and brightness. It's the choice for those who need the Predator's defoliating edge in the widest variety of outdoor environments, from woodlands to open fields. 10-year limited warranty.

8 x 30 Item no. 8x30 Pred
18 oz
Field of view: 390 feet @ 1000 yards
Eye relief:
20 mm