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Flir: TS32R & TS32R Pro

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Product Description

The Ts32r and TS32R Pro from Flir, are both fantastic Thermal Hand Held Devices. The basic over view of these 2 units is, they both have a small field of view, but can detect a man sized object almost 1400 yds away. They both have the optional video out ability thru a cable and they both come 1x magnification, but the TS32R Pro, has the "doubler" feature. The pro version can also record and store images. The chart below gives a more detailed overview of these 2 wonderful devices.

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TS32R Pro

Frame Rate

7.5 Hz 7.5 Hz

Image Resolution

320 x 240 320 x 240

Field of View

7 deg x 5 deg 7 deg x 5 deg

Field of View w/
optional 2x mag

n/a n/a

Freeze image

yes no


No Yes, up to 16 Gb

Video Storage

No Yes, mpeg -4 on
SD / SD HD Carad

2x Digital E-Zoom

No Yes

Weight incl batteries

2.17 lbs 2.17 lbs

Operating Temp

-4 deg F to +140 deg F 32 deg F to +122 deg F

Video Out

Avail w/ RCA jack
on detachable Hot Shoe
Avail w/ opt RCA jack
on detachable Hot Shoe

Battery Type

4 AA NiMH incl 4 AA NiHm incl

Battery Life

about 5 hrs / 120 hrs
(Stand by mode)
on NiMH batteries
about 5 hrs / 120 hrs
( Stand by mode)
on NiMH batteries


Std 2 yr Std 2 yr

Fixed Use

Std Tripod Mount Std Tripod Mount

Polarity/Detect Palettes

Black Hot, White Hot or FLIR Black Hot, White Hot, InstaAlert

Detect man size

about 1400 yds at 1x about 500 yds at 1x