Topic of the Week: Thermal (Jan 2017)

Mr Fred's thoughts about Thermal


Next week we are going to a trade show for US TO GO SHOPPING, and SEE THE NEWEST AND LATEST IN OR INDUSTRY..

I am looking forward to see what is new in THERMAL!!!

Below is some basic information... There are a variety of different manufacturers who offer THERMAL devices, and each company usually has unique features that make them special... Let us help clear away some of the confusion.

and as always if you have any questions please contact us - and one of our expects will be glad to assist...

Thermal - you just can't hide.....

People have been interested in "Thermal Technology" for some time - but honestly it has just been too expensive for the Civilian Market, and for those who wanted Thermal for their weapon - the technology still needed some work...

Now technology has progressed, to a point that there are now products on the market that are much more affordable - and with a variety of features. You can now have a hand held unit for less than $1,000 that can show images in Red hot, Black hot or White hot by just pressing a single button on top of the unit. This is just Fantastic !!! The Average person can now have a quality piece of equipment to see what they could not before for a variety of purposes:
  • personal protection - see someone hiding in foliage
  • hunting - find your prey faster and more effective
  • see where you may need to improve insulation of your home
  • camping - find children fast if they happen to wonder off
  • search and rescue....

  • you are only limited by your imagination

    There are now some small thermal units that can even be plugged into the charging port of your smart phone at prices under $300.00 These devices are nice, and offer an affordable thermal option, but they just are not the same as the Thermal Weapon Sights on the market...

    Many manufacturers give you numbers to "brag" about how far you can see.... be sure and compare apples to apples... There are terms such as "detect" "recognize" and "identify". You can "Detect", tell that something is there but may not can tell the difference between a cow, horse or hog.... but if you are a hunter the "Identify" distance may be rather important....

    We have tried to create charts looking at some of the important specifications to help in comparing different manufacturers - and our Thermal experts have "hands on" as well to help you understand the subtile differences, to help insure you get the proper device for YOUR needs.

    Now for you Farmers who have been battling the HOG problem - there is a bit of relief for you too... Thermal Weapon Sights with a starting price -- around $3,000.00

    With our favorite thermal weapon sight pricing out at approx $6,500.00, but for those who have a budget a little more than that - there are some wonderful new products that are just "fantastic"

    At that price range you have a variety of manufacturers to consider. Everyone has their favorite - when shopping for your Thermal device you need to ask yourself a few questions...