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Flir Scout LS-XR

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Product Description

Quality Hand Held Thermal from FLIR Corporation - when quality and durability is important, look to FLIR.

Thermal Night Vision for Law Enforcement in the palm of your hand The all new FLIR LS-XR brings tactical thermal imaging for law enforcement into the palm of your hand with a 640 x 512 detailed resolution, 35mm lens, 18 degree field of view, and 4x zoom. The LS-XR highly sensitive thermal imager can detect the smallest difference in temperature from over 1,200 yards away which makes it a necessity for surveillance, pursuit, capture, and evidence gathering.

The compact light weight LS-XR allows officers to see thought smoke, fog, debris, foliage, and most importantly darkness. The FLIR LS-Series offers more than four times the resolution of typical thermal cameras for better image detail, clarity, and range.

There's no hiding from a FLIR heat sensing camera - See clearly in any condition. The FLIR LS-XR offers advanced night vision to officers for improved situational awareness.