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Flir: Budget Bundle

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Product Description

This is our "Budget Bundle", the least expensive of our FLIR group of bundles - but not lacking in Quality !! With all the Thermal "Brands" to choose from, it has been our experience that the ones from FLIR, have been a VERY reliable, and a rugged option.

The advantage of these "Thermal Bundles" is a quality Hand Held Thermal device for scanning in a hunting environment or even at home to view looking for intruders, source of odd sounds outside, or just enjoy viewing animals when they do not realize you can see them.

A Weapon Mount device with internal reticles. The Weapon Mount has Video out, but requires an external DVR to actually record.

Compare different devices:

Weapon Mt

Hand Held

Device Name

RS32 Scout II 240

Lens Size

19mm 19mm


320x240 240x180


640x480 640x480

Refresh rate

60 Hz 7.5 Hz


1.25x/2.5x/5x 1x

Detection Man

350 yards

Video Out

Yes No

LED Task Light

No Yes