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FLIR: Best Bang 4 Your Buck

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Product Description

This is our "Best Bang 4 Your Buck - Bundle". With all the Thermal "Brands" to choose from, it has been our experience that the ones from FLIR, have been a VERY reliable, and a rugged option.

The advantage of these "Thermal Bundles" is a quality Hand Held Thermal device for scanning in a hunting environment or even at home to scan for intruders, check the source of odd sounds outside, or just enjoy viewing animals when they do not realize you can see them.

A Weapon Mount device with internal reticles. The Weapon Mount has Video out, but requires an external DVR to actually record.

Compare different devices:

Weapon Mt

Hand Held

Device Name

RS32 Scout II 320

Lens Size

35mm 19mm

Sensor or Detector

336x256 336x256


640x480 640x480

Refresh rate

60 Hz 9 Hz


2.25x/4.5x/9x 2x

Detection Man

500 yards

Video Out

Yes No

LED Task Light

No Yes